Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Someone should really update this place more often.

I've been thinking a lot.

Not that I don't normally think, just recently I've been thinking a lot. Sometimes I do that. I take a thought and think about it for far too long. Sometimes this is good, sometimes not so much. And some times it's just irrelevant.

Take for instance, something I noticed the other day: The term 'It's the least I could do' is dumb. If you're bragging about only doing the least you can do, you aren't a very nice person. And if you're doing something for someone else, and say that you could not in any way do less, you're just kind of a dick. I say we adopt a phrase more accurate to the situation. Something like "If I did any less, I'd be a dick". This way people know you could do less but choose not to.

Something else to think about: It's 5 o'clock somewhere.

That's what the clock on the wall says. in this room, there are several clocks all labeled with different places. One is labeled "somewhere" and it's stopped at five o'clock. I wonder if this is always accurate. Maybe it is only accurate 24 times a day.

Now how can i justify having a drink at 10:30 AM?

I was reading some eight month old advertisements the other day. It was fun to read what was being sold, and wonder where it currently is now. Did it get sold? Is it now in the trash? Maybe it went to someone I know, and I've seen it. One ad really caught my eye though. It was for a "Rare World War II treasure map." I believe they were asking for 1 million dollars. I found this funny as it was in the local paper of my small town.  I figure it must have been a joke. But what if it wasn't? I then started to wonder if it found a home. If someone bought the map, had they found the treasure?

Maybe I'll call the number and find out.

It's the least I can do.

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