Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Introductions and What-Not.

I am currently sitting in a cafe, watching the town wake up.

It's just shy of 8:30AM, and the town is still asleep. Not that the town ever fully wakes up, but it does stir a bit, sometimes it even rolls over before going back to the blissful dream world of a small town.

Small-ish, anyways.
So I sit here, and I type. I watch people come in and out of the cafe. I have a good view of the street from where I sit, so sometimes I watch that. I watch the keyboard when I type. Not much gets past this untrained eye. And if it did, well, how would I know?

The clouds outside have a look about them. A look that dares me to go out there, like they have rain just waiting for me. I feel like calling their bluff. Maybe I'll go for a walk down the street. I might even walk down a different street. There are only two streets worth walking on in this town.

Maybe it is small.

As I finish the dregs of my coffee, I convince myself to wait another half hour before I go for a walk. I might spend that time working on a side project. I have too many of those. Or I might just continue to watch the street get busier. As I decide, I get another cup of coffee.

It's time to wake up.

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